Dirty Sound Magnet:

The band’s DNA can be traced back to the ancestral ‘Golden Age of Rock’ (60s, 70s), but instead of copying past heroes, Dirty Sound Magnet worked hard on breaking new ground. The band's approach has often been compared to Led Zeppelin for their groove, energy and instrumental virtuosity, to a more violent version of Pink Floyd and to the mysticism of The Doors. With the addition of modern psych influences (Tame Impala, King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard, …) and sarcastic lyrics grounded in today's social turmoil, the DSM magic formula is complete.
Live, the band is known for its kinetic performances and strong stage presence. DSM’s dynamic range goes from all out power to moments of silence build into the music. The years of experience have taught the band to deliver solid shows night after night while leaving room for the unexpected to happen. Every show is a unique experience for the band and the crowd…

Style: Psych Rock, Blues Rock, Funk Rock, Progressive Rock, Experimental Rock

The Band - no plan B
As teenagers, Stavros (guitar, vocals), Marco (bass, backing vocals) and Maxime (drums, backing vocals) were devouring hundreds of albums while rehearsing with great intensity. This passion rapidly turned into an addiction and total dedication to their art. Years of experimentation and practice have led to the creation of the DSM sound and the DSM way of life. The plan has always been the same and it is quite simple: “There is no plan B”.
The band functions as a small family business. Every day, when not on tour, the band rehearses and records new music. After the rehearsal, the three dirty friends do what managers and big labels were doing in the golden years of the music industry. Everything is performed 100% DIY (recording, artwork and design, management).
DSM isn't in it for the money but for the belief that music has the power to make the world a better place. Music is everything.

The History - relentless magnetic
In 2017, DSM released its first album Western Lies as a trio with Berlin-based label Noisolution. The results were instantaneous; with the band winning an award in the category of “best Swiss rock song” for their single ‘Homo Economicus’. Between 2017 and 2020 the band toured relentlessly all over Europe.

2019 saw the release of their epic full album Transgenic. The album established the band on the European psychedelic rock scene. In the midst of their giant tour promoting the album, Covid-19 turned the world upside down and Dirty Sound Magnet had to cancel the remaining shows of the tour. This hiatus from touring allowed the band to go back to basics and rehearse intensively. The experience gained from touring motivated them to produce a live session album called Live Alert that was released on November 6, 2020. These live recordings showcase the raw energy of the band and the musicians' ability to improvise. To the band's surprise, it became their most beloved and successful album to date.

During these difficult times away from stage, Dirty Sound Magnet also recorded an ambitious studio album that will be released early 2022 on Hummus Records. The band envisioned a very natural and authentic sound and therefore kept the production simple with just a few microphones and a vintage mixing desk. In the end, it turns out that the trio has never sounded more powerful and organic... 2022 will be magnetic and dirty !

Daxx & Roxane:

Daxx & Roxane are a ‘full-throttle’ 4 piece rock n’ roll band originating from Switzerland, now based in London (UK).

Citing Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Mötley Crüe as key influences, it’s no surprise that their philosophy is that “Rock ’n’ Roll is all about
energy. All about creating an adrenalin rush” - and that’s reflected in their intense live shows, as anyone who witnessed their storming
homecoming gig at the Montreux Jazz Festival would certainly tell you. The band was also handpicked as main support at HIM’s final UK show in December 2017 at the Camden Roundhouse, which speaks for itself.

Their commitment to writing songs with killer riffs that grab you and refuse to let go, and huge chorus hooks that mark them as instant
classics, is reflected in their highly praised debut album, ‘Ticket to Rock’. Their second studio album, rightfully self-titled 'Daxx & Roxane', showed the world they have what it takes to continue on the right tracks. Released in the middle of the world's lockdown, it ended up on many shelves around the globe, from the UK to Japan, from Australia to the USA.

In the past 3 years, they started collaborating with world-known people from the industry. To mention just a few, they worked with Brit Award-winning producer Pedro Ferreira (The Darkness, Meatloaf, The Stereophonics) and legendary Don Airey (Deep Purple) on the single 'Interstellar', with the video being exclusively premiered on Planet Rock.

With songs that have collectively spent over 50 weeks on the Planet Rock playlist and a host of 9 and 10 out of 10 album reviews, singles being played all over the world on more than 80 radio stations, both albums have proven being worth a listen.
Hard Rock Hell Mag might just be right in suggesting that, “Daxx & Roxane are on the fast track to Superstardom
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